Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development

Edited by Sujian Guo and Baogang Guo
Lexington Books
Publication Date: 
Tue, 2007-09-11

Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development is a topical examination of some of the most recent developments in Chinese politics. Featuring a roster of international scholars, the book comprosises an assortment of essays focusing on a particular dimension or specific issue of political culture, political economy, foreign policy, environmental and social challenges. The editors, Sujian Guo and Baogang Guo, have divided the essays into five pairs: Political Legitimacy, Political Economy, External Challenges, Environmental Challenges, and Social Challenges. Each of these dimensions serves as a window through which the reader can glimpse various challenges in Chinese political development in the new century.Challenges Facing Chinese Political Development is suitable for all levels of students and researchers of Chinese Politics. List of Contributors Baogang Guo, Sujian Guo, Huisheng Shou, Wenshan Jia, Logan Wright, Andrew Swift, Xiaohang Liu, Yanmin Yu, Chengqiu Wu, Joel Kassiola, Xiaohang Liu, Anna Bretell, Jeffrey Becker, and Enze Han.