2011-06-24th annual meeting and international symposium-report

London, United Kingdom


In mid-June, the ACPS, in conjunction with King’s China Institute (London, UK), held an international symposium entitled “100 Years after the 1911 Chinese Revolution: Reflections and Forecasts.”  The conference received financial support from the King’s College China Institute as well as a generous grant from the Mr. & Mrs. S.H. Wong Foundation.

The well-attended, three day conference attracted over 55 participants from three continents.  Presentations were given by academics, doctoral candidates, and researchers from universities and research centers based in Canada, the Chinese mainland, Ireland, Scotland, England, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the US.  Domestic politics themed papers addressed topics such as Social Assistance in China, 2011, From Minsheng to Hexie Shehui, Grassroots Governance Reform in Urban China, China’s Frontier Politics on the Eve of the Xinhai Revolution, and The Role of the Media on Public Policy Change.  International relations oriented papers tackled issues like China’s Security Identity, China’s Power Transition, China’s International Hydro-Politics, China’s Search for an International Order, and China and Soft Power.

Opening remarks for the conference were given by ACPS President Jean-Marc F. Blanchard (白永辉) and King’s College London Vice-Principal Keith Hoggart.  For the keynote speech given at the conference banquet on June 18, Professor Deng Zhenglai (邓正来), Distinguished Professor at Fudan University, Dean of the Fudan Institute for Advanced Study in Social Sciences, and Director of the Fudan University Center for Contemporary China Research spoke on “Living Wisdom and the China Model.”  Professor Deng received an ACPS Continuous Contribution Award for his ongoing support of and contribution to the Association’s activities and intellectual life.

At the conference closing on Sunday, June 19, Dr. Blanchard expressed his appreciation to Dr. Kun-Chin Lin (林昆瑾), King’s College, for his support and thanked King’s College, King’s China’s Institute, and King’s College faculty, staff, and student volunteers for their excellent work in facilitating an extremely successful conference.  He also announced planned ACPS activities for the balance of 2011.

During the ACPS Annual Business Meeting held the evening of June 19, Dr. Blanchard presented three awards.  The first, an ACPS Distinguished Service Award, was given to ACPS Treasurer Dr. Yi Edward Yang for his excellent work in coordinating Association banking and financial matters and maintaining and processing Association memberships.  The second, also an ACPS Distinguished Service Award, was provided to ACPS Publicity Director Dr. Fujia Lu (陆符嘉) for his significant contribution to the development of the Association’s new brochure, his extensive work liaising with other academic entities, and his strong past support for the ACPS.  The third, an ACPS Lifetime Membership Award, was given to Dr. Kun-Chin Lin, for his vital support that enabled the ACPS to bring its first conference in Europe to fruition!

Respectfully yours,

Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, Ph.D.