ACPS Sponored Panels at 1999 APSA Annal Meeting, Atlanta, GA

Event Date: 
Tue, 1999-08-31




ACPS Panel 1

Modernizing Chinese Diplomacy: Domestic Responses to the Changing International Environment

Chair: Zhimin Lin, Valparaiso University
Pnlsts: Chinese Think-Tanks and Their Roles in Chinese Foreign Policy
  He Li, Merrimack College
  China's Bid for WATT/WTO
  Zhimin Lin, Valparaiso University
  China's Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula
  Fei-Ling Wang, Georgia Institute of Technology
  China's Policy Toward Japan
  Yong Deng, Benedictine University
  Human Rights in China's Diplomacy: Drawing a Balance between Domestic Survival and International Legitimacy
  Jianwei Wang, University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point
Disc: Steven I. Levine, University of Montana
  Bin Yu, Wittenberg University


ACPS Panel 2

New Chinese Characteristics

Chair: Brantly Womack, University of Virginia
Pnlsts: Democracy with the Chinese Characteristics: The Structure of Mass Attitudes toward Democracy
  Jie Chen, Old Dominion University, and Yang Zhong, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  Introducing Village Elections in China
  Kevin J. O'Brien, Ohio State University, and Lianjiang Li, Hong Kong Baptist University
  The PRC and Taiwan's Lobbying Competition in the U.S.
  Zhiqun Zhu, University of South Carolina
  Regime Change and Political Change in Post-Mao China
  Sujian Guo, The University of Tennessee-Knoxville
  Understanding the Political Economy of the Reform
  Weixing Chen, East Tennessee State University
Disc: Tony K. S. Liao, National Taiwan University


ACPS Panel 3

State and the Market in Transition: The Cases of China

Chair: Steven I. Levine, University of Montana
Pnlsts: Emerging Federalism in Former Central Planned Economies: China's Oil Companies as Strategic Actors in Inter-Governmental Restructuring
  Steven W. Lewis, Rice University
  Changing Property Rights: The Role of Law Firms
  Xiaobo Hu, Morehead State University
  Economic Development and Foreign Economic Assistance: A Comparative Study across the Strait
  Teh-chang Lin, National Chengchi University
  Transformation of State-Labor Relations in China
  Baogang Guo, Thomas College
  The Dynamics of State-Market Relations in Contemporary China
  Guoli Liu, College of Charleston
Disc: Gang Lin, Center for Modern China
  Shiping Hua, Eckerd College