ACPS Sponored Panels at 2002 APSA Annal Meeting, Boston, MA

Event Date: 
Sat, 2002-08-31


The ACPS sponsored panels at the APSA went well. Joseph Fewsmith and Peter Moody served as our panel chairs and discussants. A total of 8 papers were presented. About 40 scholars including former APSA president Lucian Pye attended our panels. We had 10 papers scheduled for presentation. Unfortunately, several presenters were not able to attend the meeting due to budgetary problems.

In 2001, the APSA adopted a new policy in regard with APSA related group participation at APSA annual meetings. Each related group including the ACPS must have at least two thirds of the general panel attendance rate at three consecutive APSA meetings in order to maintain panel allocation at future APSA meetings. In 2001 meeting the average for each related panel must be above 11 people (including panelists and the audience) adjusted by the time and day of the meeting.

The ACPS has done well in the last two meetings. The 2003 APSA meeting in Philadelphia is critical. We are going to find out how many panels we will be allocated for the 2003 meeting in late October. Our attendance number at the 2003 ACPS panels will decide whether we can have any panel (or how many panels) at APSA meetings for the next three years 2004-2006. Let's work hard together to organize good panels for next year and make sure that we all attend the Philadelphia meeting to continue our success at the APSA annual meetings.