ACPS now an Affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies (AAS)

ACPS was accepted as on organizational affiliate by the Association for Asian Studies (AAS) board of directors at its 2018 annual meeting.

As an affiliate of AAS, ACPS will receive the following benefits:

1.  The Affiliate is assured of space for a meeting in conjunction (m-i-c) at the Annual Meeting (on a space-available basis).  Please note however, that m-i-cs are limited to business meetings or social functions.  Panel presentations, roundtables, etc. should be submitted as proposals for the formal AAS program.
2.  The Affiliate may obtain labels from the AAS at cost for selective mailings at the discretion of the secretariat.
3.  The Affiliate may describe itself as an Affiliate of the AAS (for whatever benefit it derives from this status), but must recognize that it is not covered by the AAS tax exempt status or liability insurance and cannot use the name of the AAS in raising funds without the permission of the Board of Directors.
4.  The Affiliate will be able to use the Newsletter to inform membership about its programs and publications.
5.  A brief report on the Affiliate will be included in the AAS Annual Report, calling attention to its program, membership terms and publications.
The complete list of AAS affiliate organizations can viewed via the web link below: