CFP-2012-10-6th China Goes Global Conference (Cambridge, MA)



6th China Goes Global Conference



In the face of global economic turmoil over the past few years, China’s role in the world economy has continued to expand. In 2010, China overtook Germany as the world’s largest trading country.  In 2011, China replaced Japan as the world’s second largest economy. Within five years, China may produce a larger share of world GNP than the United States.  China’s globalization has fundamentally changed its socio-political, physical and economic links with the rest of the word, and China has emerged as a leader in trade and investment. 

China has achieved much economic success, but it also faces numerous challenges that can seriously hinder its long-term development. China’s fast economic growth is unbalanced and, perhaps, unsustainable. China’s governance still lags behind on many indicators, the rule of law is not secure, voice and accountability are weak.

In this context, we announce the sixth international conference examining the multi-faceted aspects of China’s globalization.  We seek papers and presentations that combine multi-disciplinary approaches to analyze different aspects of China’s businesses, economic, social, legal environments, political systems, and ethical and social structures.

Topics that will be considered for inclusion:

•          Outward Direct Investment (ODI) and internationalization of Chinese companies

•          Chinese global competitiveness and export performance, including under conditions of global financial turmoil

•          International modes of entry of Chinese companies, including M&A, OEM, ODM, OBM, etc.

•          The impact of Chinese firms on global politics, economics and the environment

•          New models of globalization among Chinese companies and government entitites

State-owned enterprises and the role of state in the globalization of Chinese companies

Chinese firms’ performance in local and global markets

The role of civic, political and economic freedoms in China’s sustainable competitiveness

Corporate governance and corporate social responsibility

Sustainable growth, impact on ecology and natural environment

Product safety, environmental and labor issues and green issues

•          Political transformation, institutional change, and international organizations

•          China’s policies towards acquisition of natural and strategic resources

•          Exchange Rate, foreign currency and the role of China in the global financial markets

Sovereign Wealth Funds and international capital movement

China’s new roles in a globalized world after the financial crisis

Techno-entrepreneurship, e-commerce, online development of China's globalization

•          The impact of new information and communication technologies on the globalization of Chinese companies

Country of origin effect of Chinese brands, China’s country image, and brand building

Impact of Chinese companies on innovation, clean technology, and patents

China’s political transitions and impact on enterprise globalization



We encourage completed papers but also accept works-in-progress papers and roundtable discussion proposals reflecting a range of theoretical and practical perspectives on the globalization of China and Chinese institutions, firms and people.  We also encourage recent book authors of China-related book to submit a proposal to present their findings and insights.

Submitted papers will be double blind reviewed for consideration in the conference. Please submit your paper through our online submission system no later than 1 April, 2012. Papers should follow the author style and referencing guide provided on the conference website. By submitting a paper, all authors also agree to review up to 3 papers.

The conference provides an ideal opportunity for scholars and practitioners, as well as Ph.D. students to share and discuss their most recent high quality work with other experts in this research field. Depending on the quantity and quality of accepted papers, an edited book or special issue in a journal are planned.

Important Dates

Deadline for submission: April 1, 2012

Paper acceptance/rejection: July 1, 2012

Revised paper submission: August 15, 2012


Registration Fee

Please note that all presenters and participants must register to attend the conference. The early bird registration fee of USD 495 is due on July 15, 2012, and the regular registration fee of USD 595 is due on August 15, 2012. The registration fee includes refreshments, lunches, reception, and conference dinner. Conference registration does not include accommodation or travel costs.


Organizational Committee

Dr. Ilan Alon, Cornell Professor, Director Rollins China and India Centers, Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College, Asia Programs Visiting Scholar, Harvard University

Dr. Julian Chang, Executive Director, Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia, Ash Center, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

Dr. Marc Fetscherin, Associate Professor and Cornell Distinguished Faculty, Rollins College & Asia Programs Fellow, Harvard University