CFP: International Conference on EU-US-China Relations

International Conference: “The EU, the US and China: Towards the New International Order?”22-23 April 2011, College of Europe, Bruges, Belgium

Several decades ago, when Japan was a rising power in Asia, people talked about the EU-US-Japan Triad. The international situation is changing so rapidly in the 21st century that China is now regarded as an emerging power whose rise will have a huge impact on international relations. Indicated in its title, the conference focuses on the latest changes in the world and examines how important the interactions between the EU, the US and China are to the future of global governance. This conference addresses this vital issue and invites participants to exchange their research results by answering the following questions: How do the three players interact with each other in the international political and economic organisations? Do they regard each other as competitors or partners in strategic and security issues? What are their models of development and how do they promote such models in the developing world? Do norms and culture matter in their relations? These topics are based on multidisciplinary research, which includes studies in the field of international relations, economy, security, law and culture. The conference will bring together the European, American and Chinese perspectives on these issues in order to foster greater exchanges of objective analysis on these developments at hand.
In order to address these questions, the InBev-Baillet Latour Chair of European Union-China Relations at the College of Europe will organise, on the 22 and 23 April 2011, a two-day international conference on the future implications for this most crucial and interdependent international relationship. It is open to European, Chinese and American scholars, Ph.D. researchers, journalists, policy practitioners and NGO representatives. This international conference will offer the possibility to examine the dynamics of the EU-US-China relationship and which impacts this has on global governance and international affairs at large.
We therefore call for papers on the development of this trilateral dynamic that will contribute to the debate with original research from European, Chinese or American perspectives. Contributions will be presented in plenary panel sessions and should cover one or more of the following dimensions from the perspective of EU-US-China relations:
•                     Multilateral Forums: G2, G3, G20
•                     The EU, the US, China and the UN
•                     Geostrategic and Security Considerations
•                     The EU, the US, China and the WTO
•                     The EU, the US, China and the International Political Economy
•                     The EU, the US, China and Models of Development
•                     The EU, the US and China: Do Norms Matter?
The organisers will select three papers for each dimension ideally presenting the respective European, Chinese and American perspectives. There is no participation fee and the College will cover meals during the Conference.
The conference aims at producing one edited book after the conference. Apart from the paper contributors, high-level key-note speakers will address the trilateral relationship from the European, Chinese and American viewpoints.
Please submit paper proposals of approximately 500 words along with a brief CV to both Professor Jing Men ( and Mr Benjamin Barton ( no later than 15 December 2010. All proposals will be reviewed and the organisers will confirm acceptance by 31 December 2010. Participants are expected to provide complete copies of their papers, which should be around 8,000 words, in electronic form, by 1 March 2011.
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