International Symposium on Culture and Poltical Economy [Sept.7-19, 2010]

2010 RCIA International Symposium on

Culture and Political Economy: New Perspectives

Call for Papers


Paper submissions are invited for the 2010 RCIA International Symposium on Culture and Political Economy: New Perspectives, which is to be held at Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages, Kaohsiung, Taiwan from Friday, September 17th to Sunday, September 19th 2010.

This conference intends to bring the interdisciplinary dialogues and problems between international cultural studies and political economy to the fore. Through analyses of international cultural/politico-economic issues at the theoretical and empirical levels, it aims to delineate the mutualLY enhancive and/or conflicting relations of the two in the global/local conjunctures of recent history and the present time.

The following issues and directions will form the major sessions:

1. Reinterpreting Global Political Economy: Culture as an Explicandum or Methodology?

? Modelling the Patterns of Political Economic and Cultural Change*

? Critical Survey of Cultural Interpretations of Key Terms in International Political Economy

? Constructivism: Identity and Culture in International Political Economy

2. Cultural Factors in Economy

? Religious, Ethical and Ideological Factors in Economic Growth

? Historical and Contemporary Trends in the Relations between Economic Development and Cultural Change

? Cultural Dependencies? Asian Values and Little Dragons Revisited

3. Soft Power and Foreign Policies

? Clashes of Civilizations and Beyond


? Local/Global Networks: Guanxi as a Way of Soft Power?

? Culture beyond the Nation: International Relations in a World of Regions and Changing Frontiers.

? Cultural Diplomacy in the East and West

4. Cultural Engineering and the Regime of Global Knowledge

? Cultural Enlightenment as a Prerequisite to Long-term East Asian Political Economic Development.

? A Common Cultural Model between Japan, China and the advancing East Asian Systems

? Technology and Media in Global Political Economy

? Values, Religious Ethics and Regime of Useful Knowledge

? Museums, Power Display, and the Return of National Cultural Treasures

5. Organization Culture and New Cultural Economy

? McDonaldisation? Patterns of Enterprise Culture and Behaviours

? The Growing New Cultural Industries and Economy

? Cultural and Economic Impact of Mega-events and Festivals in Global Cities

? Economic or Cultural Wars? The Cultural Dispute between WTO and UNESCO

6. Prospect of the Culture-Political-Economic Synergy

? Cultural Transformation as the Key Element of Stability in International Political Economy

? Analysing the Immeasurables? Probing the Synergy of Cultural Political Economy

Paper proposals (all in English) containing title, abstract of 300-500 words, contact information and affiliation should be sent no later than January 15th 2010 electronically to one of the following: organizer Professor Jerry Liu, Wenzao Ursuline College of Language at; co-organizer Professor Ian Inkster, Nottingham Trent University, UK at; co-organizer Professor Stephan Chan, School of African and Oriental Studies, UK at For further details of the conference please visit the website of Research Center of International Affairs at Final papers must be received no later than August 25th 2010 and should also be submitted electronically