President's Message

Dr. Jessica C. TeetsWhen I first joined ACPS as a graduate student, I did so because I valued the things that a small, focused organization could provide versus bigger associations like AAS and APSA, specifically more meaningful networking between junior and senior researchers, workshop-format conferences where panelists receive better feedback, and a bridge between scholars in different regions all studying China. Over the years, the value I have received from attending ACPS conferences and publishing and reading articles in JCPS has increased, especially now that JCPS is a SSCI ranked journal. So when I was elected as the next president for ACPS, I wanted to expand and strengthen our value to our members during my two-year tenure.

My vision for the next two years is to continue to improve the value of ACPS through our conferences and journal. Some of my specific ideas are that we would build a social media presence to promote published work by our members, and engage in discussions about our research, including with media and policymakers. Additionally, under our Editor-in-Chief, Sujian Guo, I would like to see JCPS continue to offer exciting new formats, like our new review essay, as well as continue to increase the quality of JCPS articles. I would like to create a mentoring program to more purposefully link junior and senior scholars in similar research areas, encourage “new blood” in ACPS leadership positions, and use ACPS conferences to create sessions on methodology, publishing strategies, and other professional development opportunities. All of these ideas would build on and expand the value of being an ACPS member.

I look forward over the next two years to working on these initiatives with the new board members, (President-elect) Greg Moore, (Treasurer) Yumin Sheng, (Research Director) Nele Noesselt, (Membership Director) Jing Chen, (Publicity Director) Xi Chen, and (Secretary) James Paradise. You will be hearing from these board members about new initiatives shortly, such as our social media presence, mentoring network, and upcoming panels at conferences. I also would like to hear from the ACPS membership about things you would like to see, changes you would like made, or things that you really value in which we should invest. Please email me at or to share your ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.


Dr. Jessica C. Teets

President, Association of Chinese Political Studies

Associate Professor of Political Science

Middlebury College